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A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a team of IT experts that remotely manages a customer's IT infrastructure.

MSP provides services such as installation, monitoring, and maintenance of apps, networks, OS, IT security, etc. via ongoing and regular support.

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Managed services enable you to optimize your systems with high-quality solutions that aim for productivity and long-term reliability. If anything happens, the provider is just a phone call away.


server architecture

Designing and evaluating the server and its associated operations as well as services in whole before it is actually deployed.

  • Physical capacity of server (computing power and storage)
  • Installed components
  • Types and layers of applications and operating system
  • Authentication and overall security mechanism
  • Networking and other communication interface with other applications and/or services

data center management

Management of computer and server operations, large amounts of data, services and applications, and the protection and security of the data.

  • Upgrading Data Center Hardware & Software/
  • Data Distribution & Storage Management
  • Data Center Backup Processes
  • Data Center Emergency Planning
  • Data Center Management Technical Support


Service Virtualization is a method that helps you to emulate (virtual services) the behaviors of the component in a Service Oriented Architecture

  • Microsoft Server Virtualization and Systems Management
  • VMware Solutions (Cloud Solutions, Virtual Cloud Network, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN, Digital Workspace, Software-Defined Data Center)
  • Citrix Desktop and Application Delivery Solutions - deliver secure virtual apps and desktops to any device

it consulting

We provide IT consulting services for your company. We can advice you about ongoing processes

  • Network design
  • Hardware and software acquisition
  • Hardware configuration
  • Security consulting and implementation
  • Software deployment and testing
  • Ongoing technical support.

cloud computing

Cloud providers typically use a "pay-as-you-go" model, which can lead to unexpected operating expenses without proper knowledges

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Digital Ocean
  • IBM Cloud
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce

VoIP PBX management

We provide services to businesses from small companies to large call centers or which the VoIP PBX is not a luxury, but a business necessity.

  • Development of infrastructure and VoIP network, identifying the resources needed to implement your project (the number of clients, VoIP lines, etc.).
  • Designing a VPN configuration, security policies, and other important issues.
  • VoIP Infrastructure Management (we deal with problems like service quality, resource use, etc.).
  • VoIP resources Optimization (troubleshooting, reconfiguration).
  • Hardware and Software Configuration. We work with Asterisk, OpenSER (Kamailio) / OpenSIPS, FreePBX (and derivatives such as trixbox, elastix, and flashpbx).
  • VoIP resources Redesign/Extension.
  • Load Balancing Configuration.

Your cyber-security advisor

Launched in 2002, NorocTech has conducted thousands of security projects for more than 200 major organizations. Our client-base includes US, European and Middle East banks, heathcare institutions, technology industry, along with other major companies, telecom and public sector organizations from more than 20 countries.

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In 2020, cybersecurity concerns will be a major topic in the boardroom and executive offices of every significant enterprise. Major data breaches suffered by leading firms across industries has struck fear into CEOs and other officers and board members that their company could be next.

A security breach can be a devastating event for your company

NorocTech is a leading cybersecurity services provider dedicated exclusively to
cybersecurity and the practical management of cybersecurity risks.

We believe that your cybersecurity solutions must be delivered continuously. Your assets, threats and vulnerabilities change every day, so must your defenses.The only way to build a foundation for cybersecurity is through an effective risk management program. Guessing is no longer an option. Cybersecurity is not an IT issue. In fact, 75% of your cybersecurity risks have little to do with IT.





Our solutions

Designed to fit high standards of your industry

Measuring your cybersecurity progress has become an important part of compliance and job security.

Our program comes with all of the tools and data you need to demonstrate progress. You'll also get a dedicated Client Relationship Manager who will advocate for you throughout the program

All of our services are designed to repeat continuously, ensuring that you're never unprotected. Additionally, all of our services are integrated, so they work even better when implemented together.

Everything we do reduces your risk - we'll give you the data to prove it.

There are few industries that need strong cyber security as much as the healthcare industry. Patients are often dealing with life-threatening conditions, exchanging large amounts of money and financial information, and must have their privacy protected when it comes to medical records.

Utilities and energy organizations are part of the critical infrastructure of every economy. This makes them prime targets for cybercriminals. Although digital transformation has modernized this sector, it has also increased its threat surface. A cyberattack targeting even a small utility provider can create devastating economic and security consequences.

Retail continues to be one of the most-targeted industries for cyber crime because it processes massive amounts of financial data, and offers a variety of potential access points for hackers. Money and customer loyalty are on the line for companies, so that’s why they’re investing big in information assurance, boosting spending this year by 67 percent.

Our services

Most of the time, clients want a solution for their problem and the way how this problem is solved is our job. The client wants only get rid of that issue. The „hows„ are the domain of our job.

An organization’s security posture is derived from its stamina to threat actors – not security auditors. With attackers using a broad spectrum of tools and tactics to compromise corporations, it has never been more important to stay one step ahead.

By bridging the gap between current cyber security and cyber risk practices, NorocTech offers organizations an integrated cyber risk management process that aligns the processes of management, security and risk into one business-centric framework.

As we work mostly with top security solutions providers as Palo Alto, Cisco or Symantec, we group our services depending these factors. Being a consultancy company we came the solution for your needs, of course.

risk assessment

A risk assessment is the foundation to guide you towards the best business decisions that balance both security and compliance. The audit plan done during a risk assessment procedure may consist of the following types of audits:

  • Financial, Operational and/or Compliance
  • Information Technology
  • Internal Control Reviews
  • Internal Reviews (where suspected)
  • Fraud Examinations
  • Special Projects

incident response

Incident response services help you prepare for, manage, and recover from data breaches and network attacks. Our experienced team uses security technology to respond to attacks and reduce damage and exposure.

  • Initial discovery of incident impact
  • Root cause, impact, timeline, and actions
  • Incident counteraction and neutralization
  • Elimination of threat actors
  • Actions to resume normal business
  • Incident review and lessons learned

penetration testing

A Penetration Test, often called "red teaming" or a "red team exercise" is the practice of simulating as closely as possible the effect that cyberthreats could have on your business. It is a simulation of a real-world attack on targeted assets.

  • Post-implement of cyber-security tasks
  • Identification exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Satisfy compliance requirements
  • After changes made in infrastructure
  • Made targeting of Critical Assets
  • Exploitation of Process, and Technology


planning & strategy

Appropriately productivate distributed infrastructures for one-to-one expertise.

design & develop

Credibly develop cross functional internal or "organic" sources vis-a-vis magnetic e-services.

test & deliver

Continually promote empowered resources for professional manufactured products.

Request an advice

You maybe don't know how your company problems can be solved, in which manner or how. Request an advice and we can build the strategy to solve that issue, for you.