According to Symantec Corp:
- Cost of the average data breach to companies worldwide:
$3.86 million (U.S. dollars)

- Average time it takes to identify a data breach: 196 days

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Measuring your cybersecurity progress has become an important part of compliance and job security.

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There are few industries that need strong cyber security as much as the healthcare industry. Patients are often dealing with life-threatening conditions, exchanging large amounts of money and financial information, and must have their privacy protected when it comes to medical records.


Utilities and energy organizations are part of the critical infrastructure of every economy. This makes them prime targets for cybercriminals. Although digital transformation has modernized this sector, it has also increased its threat surface. A cyberattack targeting even a small utility provider can create devastating economic and security consequences.


Retail continues to be one of the most-targeted industries for cyber crime because it processes massive amounts of financial data, and offers a variety of potential access points for hackers. Money and customer loyalty are on the line for companies, so that’s why they’re investing big in information assurance, boosting spending this year by 67 percent.


Whether you're a small community college or a large statewide university system we make it easy to get cybersecurity educated. Contact one of our Cybersecurity Solutions Advisors to get started. We are currently providing cybersecurity and compliance solutions to: Community Colleges 2- and 4-Year Colleges Universities State Wide University Systems Education Consortiums


Our services allow you to improve and automate your cybersecurity program, saving countless amounts of time and money. Working from the strategic and moving to the tactical and operational, you’ll be able to boast a truly differentiated, risk-based program that your customers, employees, and executives will get a return on investment. Start now in building your cyber-security and protect your data from any intrusion.


Whether you're in banking, insurance, brokerage, transaction processing, or securities, NorocTech has built a proven process to lead clients in building, maintaining, and improving their cybersecurity program. Our Clients have successfully passed audits, satisfied governmental regulatory reporting requirements, and effectively handled intrusions and breaches.

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